Athlete Platform

Individualised insights linking biomarker,
sleep, travel and performance data.

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Athlete Platform

Our individual athlete platform aggregates multiple data sources and offer elite athletes real-time, actionable insights based off their biomarker results. Athletes can sync their performance data, playing schedule, travel schedule and sleep data.

App Sections

Nutrition iconAssortment of foods, bread, vegetables, fruit, juice
Personalised nutritional recommendations based off an athlete's game load and biomarker data.
Close up view of biomarker test tubeBiomarker icon
Ingestion of biomarker data to monitor and measure an athlete's response to training and competition with personalised reference ranges.
Cropped view of a kettlebellTraining icon
Training Load
Training load and game schedules can be incorporated to individualise athlete strategies.
Apple watch displaying sleep app
Sleep data can be ingested from clinical grade actigraphy or commercial wearable devices.
Plane taking off
Athlete flight schedules can be incorporated to offer recommendations that reduce jet lag and minimise travel stress.
Basketball court view from above
Performance Analytics
Inputs from wearables, tracking devices and statistical data can be ingested and analysed to offer further insights.

Real-time Actionable Insights

Clear and actionable strategies are made available to athletes in a rolling real-time feed - from nutritional protocols to recovery strategies so that athletes can optimise their preparation.

Smart Content Push

Team nutritionists, doctors and performance staff can push further recommendations to individual or multiple athletes through the platform.

Covid-19 Symptom Tracker

In response to the global pandemic our platform has a symptom tracking capability which allows performance staff to track athletes health status in real-time. Learn more here.

Full screen view of symptom logging screen in athlete app
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